& smoothies. For all those who do not know, I fast on Mondays. And yes, while this may seem like an awfully tough day to fast on, I am allowed fruits and milk and other sattvic fasting foods so working and practicing and running can all happen without the feeling of “bleh”.

So here’s my smoothie recipe that’s completely Monday friendly. I usually play around with recipes and add fruits that I like, but I am practicing more with Ayurveda body type approved foods so this is extra good for your Vata woes.

Monday smoothie:
1/2 Avocado
1/4 Mango (the mangoes I got are massive, so.)
A handful of cherries
1/2 glass full fat milk (I usually go with the Rice, Coconut, Pineapple variant that essentially feels like drinking love, but they come with added salts and Monday fasts are also sodium free)
A handful of almonds
A shot of espresso (not very Ayurvedic but this is also Monday specific)



Let me know of your smoothie recipes in the comments section!

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