My favourite piece of makeup. Lip colour!

Which are your favourites?

I have been *a fan of makeup since I was little. Thankfully my mum, who even though, is not a big make up wearer, would always have amazing amazing lipsticks in her bag. Which then I would happily “borrow” following it up with dancing to loud 90s Bollywood music in the house.

Cut to adolescence and now, **adulthood, and my only true loves in the make up bag, are my lip colours. I don’t refer to them as lipsticks now because they aren’t really just sticks anymore. There are wands, and sticks and powders and pigments. I still swear by a couple of shades by a couple of companies that do not test on animals and they’ve slowly but surely become my everyday staples. My absolute favourites are still NYX and their matte cream shades. Stunning colours and so pigmented, so accessible and they care about animals! Perfection.

What I would love to try next, are lipcolours by MDMflow (cause they all look FANTASTIC), Kylie Cosmetics (those mattes… ah!) and of course, more stuff by Lipstick Queen! The cruelty free status of the latter two are still unknown but hoping for the best? And even though I am a sucker for matte shades, Lipstick Queens Velvet Rope has got me leaning to the glossy side just a wee bit…

Lipcolour selfie strip. From left to right, NYX’s Amsterdam, Morocco, Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope and again, NYX’s Antwerp.

Let me know in the comments or on Instagram what cruelty free lipshades you guys love, I would love to know!

*obsessed with.