Skincare misses.


To be honest, I’ve never really had skin care fails. I always buy products that I instinctively know will be good for me, and I know my skin the best. And thanks to the endless fish rice balls my mum fed me as a baby, I have always had skin I’ve been happy with. Pair that with the OG good genes and I have had it good. Until I got restless when I couldn’t buy the Power Couple duo in Sephora in NY earlier this year and twitched uncontrollably until I did get my hands on them. And honestly, I think New York was trying to take care of me.

I eventually did buy the Sunday Riley Good Genes combo via Sephora and have it shipped to me, but I really just shouldn’t have. Rash and allergy acne ain’t cute.

I really really wanted to love this product but couldn’t and can’t recommend it for people with sensitive skin. It’s a pain in the backside, resetting all of that skin damage.

Pair that with Perricone MD’s High Potency Amine Face Lift and YIKEA. Thankfully this was a sample along with some other pieces I bought, and whilst it started really well with my skin feeling instantly softer and plumper; the rash was back within 3 days and it was angry!

(mind you, the product usage was spaced over months)

I moved back swiftly to my beloved Dr. Haushka oils and thankfully didn’t push this product as hard I tried with the Sunday Rileys.

Note – I’d promised myself that I’d stay away from acid-ey sounding and complex product names but since this one was a sample, I sort of lost track. Remember it’s all fun and games until your face starts to look like a baboons arse, so if you really do need real skin help, go to a dermatologist!

What have been your skin misses? Share with me on Instagram or here in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!