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A quick run to the supermarket for some local beer for baby J and this is what we wore.


Paired my VB jeans and top from Ali Express (balance!) with a vintage shawl from New Delhi, Dior Tribal earring and customised Scarosso ballet flats. Unfortunately, Scarosso don’t offer customisations via their website anymore (either that or my browser is missing weird a plugin) but their shoes are still really great, but unfortunately all leather.


Baby J in Levis Jeans, Timberland shoes and Nor Black Nor White Jacket.

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Accidental treasures.

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You may think I am exaggerating with the title, but my recent trip to was literally this. I lost control and all I wanted was some ol’ Eyeko.

I love NB.. They have an amazing buying team who are obviously very on it. They have free delivery in Germany, and even better for me, same day pick up in Hamburg from Uzwei.


So what I did was, set out to buy my sweet little mascara but ended up buying a whole of By Terry, Perricone MD, Lipstick Queen, Percy&Reed and Face Stockholm. And no mascara. I forgot to buy the mascara.

I started off with my Sunday Riley primer (which I love and is also from NB, what do you know! The foundation I use very sparingly because By Terry doesn’t have a foundation for my skin shade of brown and the darkest shade is still too light for Indian skin, know!)

I followed it up with some Perricone MD No Blush Blush which is a horrifying small bottle for something that retails for 37 something bucks but I got over it. I had Mexican food to get me through the shock.


So post Guac, this happened and I was quite happy with it. I had to dab on way more than 1-3 dots on my cheekbones but then this happened and I was quite happy with it.

I moved onto By Terrys Touche Veloutée in Sienna around my eyes and dabbed it along with my guac-ey hands (no makeup blender, no worry) and went a little monkey crazy on the Aqua Lip and Cheek tints. Those are truly fantastic. It reminded me of the Bourjois tints that were all the rage back in University, helping trick people into thinking you were healthy and ate apples and such. And whilst no one is buying into that lie anymore, these are still worth their buck! Its on sale on NB for 29 from 40 something, if there were more shades, I’d get them but there aren’t so I’ll let my wallet breathe.

The Touche Veloutée was important because the only concealer that has ever truly worked for me was Nars creamy concealer in biscuit. But no cruelty free, no go. I quite liked this one. It was closer to my skin shade and didn’t get chalk-ey. I did blend it like a miserable ol’ bat so hopefully with a better blending job, I’ll know more. So far, the shade matches and that’s all I care for at this point. Saving the best for the last, I tried my lip colours. I love them and had high expectations.

I tried Lipstick Queen Endless Summer in Hang Ten. (Also on sale on NB). This was unfortunately not pigmented enough for me. It made me look a little sickly but with some of that lip tint in orange, it was all good and dope and in order again! Happy times. It passed the usability test. I can use it, albeit with some help but I can use it and that’s important.


Wearing the Hang Ten by Lipstick Queen with By Terry Aqua Tint in orange. I look grumpy but I am actually really pleased.

And finally. The lady of the hour. The By Terry click stick. Also the one that got me the cool new By Terry pouch. A. Thank you! B. This one is a true winner. I used the #6 or Rosy Flush and it was a fantastic matte pink. Very pigmented, a little light for my skin, but honestly most pinks in Germany are, so I’ll stop complaining about that. This is the best buy of the lot at 29,50. It gives great matte coverage  and that which passed the burrito test! (It’s not really a ‘test’, I just ate a burrito after I wore the lip colour) and it looked fine. I am a little finicky about lip colour looking as flawless as possible so I did reapply it after but it was fine without it. I love this one by* By Terry(?*) and I am really excited to try the other shades. Finally something to shake up the good old NYX Matte Lip Cream boat. After a couple of uses, you do notice the massive difference in how much more moisturised the lips are with the By Terry though.

ps. how many times did I use the word excited in that last paragraph? rhetoric question, do not count and answer ffs.

point being, good times!