Sunset vibe

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A quick run to the supermarket for some local beer for baby J and this is what we wore.


Paired my VB jeans and top from Ali Express (balance!) with a vintage shawl from New Delhi, Dior Tribal earring and customised Scarosso ballet flats. Unfortunately, Scarosso don’t offer customisations via their website anymore (either that or my browser is missing weird a plugin) but their shoes are still really great, but unfortunately all leather.


Baby J in Levis Jeans, Timberland shoes and Nor Black Nor White Jacket.

IMG_6301IMG_6299 2IMG_6304IMG_6312 2



Guys, I am back after my little sabbatical. Things had gotten a little hectic… but now I am here again and very excited about it!

Lately, I have been missing university and thinking about just how much art and design we were surrounded by, all the time. Got me thinking of me as an LCF kid now. I’ve been feeling a CK 90s kinda way, so I constructed a mood board for the vibe I am feeling this season. Clean and simple, all minimal and extremely sexy. I have never really dressed like this. I tend to lean towards dresses and lace and feminine styles. But there’s something about this summer and I, I suppose. I am going to be in a new decade of my life!


Kate Moss for Obsession by Clavin Klein, and Vogue.